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PT Solusi Teknika (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT. Teknika Solutions Founded in 2001, We Engaged In Sales And Services Installation of Lightning Protection External And Internal Also (Surge Arrester). We Represent Sole Agent Of Lightning Elektrostatic Brand Leader Made Delta Technology - France, Kurn Patent 438 333 Made in Indonesia and is also Leitai Made in Shanghai - China. With our experience over 15 years in the field of lightning protection, we have believed to be several major corporate partner to handle the lightning protection such as: PT. Pertamina, Land Paramount Serpong, Ceramics Mulia, PT. SMART Tbk, PT. Indahkiat, PJKA, and many other clients who have become our partners.For the type of external lightning which we can provide as follows: 1. LEADER 1 Radius 90 Meters 2. LEADER 3 Radius 120 Meters 3. Kurn PATENT IDM000346887 Radius 85 Meters 4. Kurn PATENT IDM000346887 Radius 150 Meter 5. LEITAI LTDT-I Radius 86 Meters 6. VIKING V3 Radius 110 Meter 7. VIKING V6 Radius 132 MeterFor the Lightning Internal Product (Surge Arrester) What We Will Serve As LEITAI Brands Made in Shanghai China and Phoenix Contact Made in Germany.Internal protection may include protection of electrical panels 1 phase, 3 phase, router, modem, computer, TV, satellite and radio telecommunication, solar panels, CCTV system.All Products Our Certified Official And Warranty And Authenticity Guaranteed.Our lightning protection system can be used for a lightning rod mill, a lightning rod housing / cluster, the lightning rod golf course, a lightning rod apartments, and sectors - other sectors.PT. Teknika Solution Since 2001 Serving For Manufacturing, Lightning Protection System Design Whole Good Against Lightning strikes Lightning strikes Nor Direct Indirect (Induction). For product sales service we can serve the area: Entire Indonesia. Contact us for further informationOur Office Location: PT. Solusi Teknika Wisma IWI 6th Floor, Suite 608 Jl. Arjuna Selatan Jakarta 11530 Tel: 021 - 533 - 03 - 07 (08) Fax: 021 - 533 - 03 - 09

Menjadi perusahaan yang solid dan terpercaya dibidang penjualan dan jasa pemasanagn penangkal petir di Indonesia

Selalu berinovasi, untuk mencapai posisi terdepan dan dapat dipercaya, dengan orientasi yang konsisten terhadap kepuasan pelanggan

PT Solusi Teknika merupakan usaha dibidang penjualan dan pemasangan penangkal petir terkemuka dan terpercaya di Jakarta. Produk yang Kami jual seperti Penangkal Petir (KURN, LEADER, LEITAI, VIKING), Lightning Counter, Kabel Coaxial, Surge Arrester, Lightning Counter, dan banyak lagi. Kami menjual penangkal petir terlengkap dan termurah.

WISMA IWI 6th Floor, Suite 608 Jl. Arjuna Selatan Kav. 75, Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11530 Jakarta Barat 11530
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

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