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Leader Lightning Protection
Leader Lightning Protection
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Specification of Leader Lightning Protection

Leader Lightning Protection

The Function Of The Leader E.S.E ( Early Streamer Emission ) Lightning Conductor ( Nfc 17-102 And Une 21-186 ) Is To Be The Preferred And Obligatory Lightning Strike Point For The Entire Area It Protects. Leader Lightning Conductors Uses Its Tip And Entire Metal Casing To Capture These Distrubances Produced By The Approaching Down Leaders Just Before Atmospheric Discharge, In Order To Produce Up Leaders That Are Faster, Stedier And More Powerful Than The Ones In The Protected Area.

Leader Tests Made In A High Voltage Laboratory In Situ Installations. The Quality:

- Proven Safety As Demonstrated By The Testing Laboratory, Which Measured A Major Initation Advance Of 165 Microsecond

- Optimal Operation For Both Positive And Negative Discharge

- A Completely Autonomous Lightning Conductor That Doesn' T Requiere Any Spesific Maintenance.

-Excellent Resistance To Electric Shocks

-Excellent Resistance To Atmospheric And Chemical Corrosion Due To Its Total Metal Casing In Stainless Steel

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