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Surge Arrester (LEITAI MLPC Series)
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Specification of Surge Arrester (LEITAI MLPC Series)

Surge Arrester (LEITAI MLPC Series)

LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) LED light technology now widely used in a variety of sectors, whether it is used as a lamp lighting in the home, the Office, the factory even on highways, stadiums, etc. LED lighting technology is widely used because these lights can save you energy better than incandescent systems. Overview about this LED lights, LED lights do not require burning filament so as not to cause heat in generating light. This lamp juGA used in LCD TVS.

LED lights are very efficient, but also have the weakness that is too sensitive to voltage changes suddenly, either due to an electric current or induced lightning. Especially on the LED light mounted on the open as for lighting lamps, LEDS can be very risky suffered damage both on its power supply or also on components of the LED lights. Therefore, the adoptionNaan surge arrester to prevent the occurrence of damage or LED components in power supply is highly recommended.

LEITAI as one of the most famous factories and brands of artificial arrester Shanghai-China has developed products surge arrester to protect this LED light system with code series products of the MLPC. product surge arrester can be used for outdoor protection on street lighting lamps, can be mounted on the electrical control box of the LED lights. Surge

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