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Design and install the Surge Arrester

Last Updated : 08 Jan 2020

Services Description Design and install the Surge Arrester

We provide design and installation of surge arrester systems to protect electronic devices from lightning induction. Protection can include:

1. Surge Arrester Panel MDP.

2. Surge Arrester Panel SDP.

3. Surge Arrester IT Devices.

4. Radio Surge Arrester and Telecommunication Equipment.

5. Surge Arrester Solar Cell.

An arrester system protection and lightning protection is best known as the total solution. With our 15 years of experience in this field, we strive to provide the best in providing a good protection system.

The surge arrester can function as a lightning distributor to the grounding system and also can withstand the lightning residual current to a capacity of 100KA (kilo amperes).

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